The best third-world public health system money can buy


It is absolutely mind-boggling how bad the American public health system is; especially when one considers the hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars that we spend on public health.

We’re about to reach 175,000 dead from the Chump Plague, by far the highest death total of any country in the world.

Yet this is just one of numerous terrible health outcomes at which this nation excels. So to speak.

When it comes to public health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, drug addiction, alcoholism, STDs, teen pregnancy, and motor vehicle deaths, the US is the leader of the free world in pretty much all those categories.

And don’t forget our gun violence which we deliberately define as NOT a health issue because, hey, guns are like Jesus—they are magic!

Also, we’ve got contaminated drinking water in many of our cities. And mentally ill people sleeping all over our streets. And one out of five American children living in poverty, thereby guaranteeing them an unhealthy start in life.

Also, we confine our elders in old-age homes that serve as de facto death camps.

Did you know that of all the advanced nations in the world, the US is the only one right now where life expectancy is falling?

And what has our response been to all these health issues? Among other things, we have been closing public hospitals and community health agencies while our for-massive-profit private hospitals are consolidating their power and raising their fees to astronomical levels.

Oh, yea and Orange Pinocchio took us out of the World Health Organization.

What more evidence does one need that the United States is a failing state?

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