If copywriters billed like hospitals


First, I would charge my client for my writing services.

Then, I would bill him or her separately for the use of my computer.

That would be followed by a charge for the use of the facility in which I do my writing, which is my house.

If I also happened to ask my brother what he thinks of what I have written for my client, that would necessitate a fourth billing.

And if I should offer visual suggestions in addition to my writing services, that would require still another payment.

So instead of charging one per-hour fee as I normally do, I would bill my client a minimum of four payments and possibly more. Like the use of my printer.

In addition, I am often inspired by things I see on teevee, so I would also charge my client for the use of my cable service.

And If I refer to a dictionary, the client would be on the hook for that too.

This fee-for-service model plus charges for all the equipment I use would of course cause the cost of my copywriting services to skyrocket. So I hope my client has advertising insurance.

For me, the best thing about this hospital way of billing is no matter if the copywriting solution I offer works or not, I still get paid. Payment is mandatory irrespective of results.

Still, I would try to maintain the copywriter’s creed—do no harm.

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