Maybe this explains why things are so bad


You know all these “geniuses” from Silicon Valley are college dropouts.

And it’s not just the first wave of Silicon Valley “geniuses” like Jobs and Gates and Paul Allen who are/were college dropouts. It’s the succeeding generation too. Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, that Biz Stone, Evan Williams (the computer programmer, not the bourbon)—all flunkies.

These guys—and they are all guys—never had any interest in expanding their minds through intellectual inquiry. They just wanted to play games. And light their pharts while eating pizza.

And yet we think they are so smart. But what do they really know?

What they seem to think they know is they don’t need a college education.

How sad.

Can it be that at its core this whole digital age is an exercise in anti-intellectualism? And maybe that’s why everything these days is so prosaic, so material, so plebeian, so …. dumb?

These aren’t inspiring times. If they were Donald Chump would not be President and the New England Patriots wouldn’t be on their way to winning their 97th Super Bowl.

How different (better?) would the world be today if Jack Dorsey had read John Donne instead of H.P. Lovecraft or whatever it is boy shut-ins read when they are growing up?

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