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Why is everyone so afraid of big, bad AOC?


Why are all these readers of the “NY Times” and “Washington Post” dumping on AOC? They keep saying she is “too far left.” Well, that would make her middle-of-the-road in Europe. You know Europe, where they are reopening their economies and have nowhere near the unemployment we do. You know Europe, where the number of deaths and cases of the Chump Plague are significantly fewer than here in...

The best third-world public health system money can buy


It is absolutely mind-boggling how bad the American public health system is; especially when one considers the hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars that we spend on public health. We’re about to reach 175,000 dead from the Chump Plague, by far the highest death total of any country in the world. Yet this is just one of numerous terrible health outcomes at which this nation excels. So to...

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