Twilight of the geniuses


Medicare-For-All is not in the Democratic platform, correct? Because Biden is against it.

That’s disappointing.

One plank I do want to see in the Democrat platform is a pledge of no pardons for Chump or any of his henchmen for the crimes they committed while serving in the Executive Branch.

I also want to see a plank calling for a Nuremberg-like trial and investigation into all the malfeasance that occurred in The Dotard’s administration the last four years.

It’s not enough to simply move on without a thorough examination of the massive damage that has been done to this nation by the Liar-In-Chief.

At a minimum, we need to a full accounting of the acts of treason Humpty Chump engaged in while cutting deals with Russia.

Were capital crimes committed? Was Chump acting as an agent of Putin?

How many billions of tax dollars were diverted to Orange Mussolini’s private businesses?

These are things we need to learn about. Otherwise, there is no moving forward.

And I would name Hillary Clinton as lead council of this Nuremberg-like investigation.

Nuremberg trial courtroom

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