On the other hand, if Chump doesn’t feel like being nice…


… he can start doing Joe Biden jokes. That would be better than straight-out insults:

“Joe was really excited to come to the White House the other day. He thought we were having a sleepover.”

“Joe’s a big fan of the Bears. That’s because bears are always hibernating.”

“Joe was always jealous of Luca Brasi. Because Luca got to sleep with the fishes.”

“Did you hear what Joe said when asked if he favored a boycott? He said a boy’s cot would be too small for him.”

“I hear Joe and Jill are having trouble in bed. Joe won’t ever get out of it.”

“Why did Joe forget to turn the clocks back? He was sleeping.”

“Joe’s favorite Woody Allen picture? ‘Sleeper.’”

“Joe doesn’t count sheep to get to sleep. Sheep count him.”

“Joe is proof you really can sleep your way to the top.”

“Joe falls asleep reading ‘Rip Van Winkle.’”

“When asked if he favored impeachment, Joe said he had to sleep on it.”

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