The Democrats getting schooled again


Why are we calling it the “Wealth Tax?” Why aren’t we calling it the “Plutocrat Tax?” Or the “Fat Cat Tax?”

Or my choice, “The Mr. Burns Tax?”

Why do the Republicans always get to set the agenda?

One reason is because they employ very good wordsmiths. They’re clever.

Democrats don’t seem to value words. For example, Kamala Harris is the only Democrat running for President who has the semblance of a tagline. “Kamala Harris for the people.” Meanwhile Chump has his “Make America great again.”

I wrote a few taglines for Steyer but his people never got back to me. So it’s “Steyer 2020.” Just like “Biden 2020.” And “Warren 2020.” And “Pat Paulsen 2020.”


BELOW: Harris is now doing this. I don’t like it. Sounds like ebonics. And what does it mean? Kinda presumptuous too. Yo gyrl, ya gotta earn it first, sugar!

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