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The new communication age thanks to Asperger kids


Here’s one of the great ironies of our times—this whole new digital communication age we’ve been living in was brought to you by a bunch of boys experiencing Asperger syndrome. All our communication mediums these days—Twitter, Instagram, The Facebook, Yahoo—were created by males on the spectrum. Maybe not officially on the spectrum.  But a lot of them demonstrate the kind of difficulties in...

Maybe this explains why things are so bad


You know all these “geniuses” from Silicon Valley are college dropouts. And it’s not just the first wave of Silicon Valley “geniuses” like Jobs and Gates and Paul Allen who are/were college dropouts. It’s the succeeding generation too. Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, that Biz Stone, Evan Williams (the computer programmer, not the bourbon)—all flunkies. These guys—and they are all guys—never had any...

Who’s profiting from all this market volatility?


We know someone is making a killing off of what is happening right now in the security markets. No doubt Trump and his cronies are in on this since they’re the ones orchestrating so much of the volatility.  They’ve been shorting the market right before Trump says something stupid and then buying the upside after Trump corrects the stupid thing he said. Of course the Wall Street firms...

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