The new communication age thanks to Asperger kids


Here’s one of the great ironies of our times—this whole new digital communication age we’ve been living in was brought to you by a bunch of boys experiencing Asperger syndrome.

All our communication mediums these days—Twitter, Instagram, The Facebook, Yahoo—were created by males on the spectrum. Maybe not officially on the spectrum.  But a lot of them demonstrate the kind of difficulties in social interactions that one associates with autism and the like.

Like Jack Dorsey. That guy is a moon shot. (Though he is banging a “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model. How did he mange that?)

And Zuckerberg. He makes me crawl in my skin as I watch him crawl in his skin.

Jobs definitely had mental issues besides being a monster.

I always thought Marissa Mayer had Asperger’s.

Can’t tell if Elon Musk is autistic or he’s just stoned all the time.

And you know Bezos is living on Planet Claire (he comes from there).

Of course there’s nothing necessarily wrong with having Asperger’s. It’s just that it is so odd that the entire world is expressing itself in ways invented by people who have a fundamentally hard time doing just that.

Could that explain why we are living in a golden age of dumb? (Chump, science denial, gun violence, white nationalism, the American healthcare industry.)

BELOW: I wonder what Jack Dorsey and Raven Lyn Corneil have to say to one another apres-boning? I assume not much. He probably goes and plays with his Legos (he’s building a replica of Notre-Dame) while she orders another set of emery boards.

Jack Dorsey and Raven Lyn Corneil

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