If copywriting was practiced like American medicine


If advertising copy was written the way medicine is practiced in this country, we’d have many more copywriting specialists; each expert at a very specific part of the copywriting practice.

For example, we’d have copywriters who are experts at headlines. Then we’d have copywriters who are experts at body copy. Also copywriters who are experts at tag lines.

We might break this specialization down even further and have copywriters who are specialists in verbs and another set of copywriters who are specialists in nouns.

We could also have copywriters whose expertise is inserting humor in an ad. And another group of copywriters whose specialty is inserting pathos. And even a group of copywriters whose job it is to insert exclamation marks!!!!

Every ad to be written would have a team of anywhere form five to twenty-five copywriters focusing on their particular skill. Of course each of these copywriters would bill the client separately for their services.

(This would dramatically add to the cost of having an ad created, but hey, what can you do? At least we Americans can say we have the very best copywriting system in the world.)

But note: under this division of copywriting skills sets, there would be no guarantee as to how an ad finally performs. In fact the copywriters might all decide that no copywriting solution is possible at all and therefore no ad should exist. Of course this does not preclude that the copywriters get paid for at least trying. The copywriters always get paid irrespective of the final results.

And overseeing the entire copywriting process would be the advertising insurance industry. They are the final arbitrators of what is written or not written.

Also note: if a copywriter is not part of a client’s advertising insurance company network, that client must continuing paying for the copywriter’s services until he has to file for bankruptcy.

But all clients can feel confident knowing the motto of America’s copywriters—do no harm.

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