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Twilight of the geniuses


Medicare-For-All is not in the Democratic platform, correct? Because Biden is against it. That’s disappointing. One plank I do want to see in the Democrat platform is a pledge of no pardons for Chump or any of his henchmen for the crimes they committed while serving in the Executive Branch. I also want to see a plank calling for a Nuremberg-like trial and investigation into all the...

We need fewer ambitious people a lot more talented people


One of the reasons the United States is a failed state is because it is run by people whose ambitions far exceed their talents. That’s why I’m excited that the Democratic Presidential ticket is made up of people who did not go to Ivy League colleges. (Though admittedly Howard has been called the Harvard of Historically Black Colleges.) Ivy League grads are notoriously ambitious. That’s why they...

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