We need fewer ambitious people a lot more talented people


One of the reasons the United States is a failed state is because it is run by people whose ambitions far exceed their talents.

That’s why I’m excited that the Democratic Presidential ticket is made up of people who did not go to Ivy League colleges.

(Though admittedly Howard has been called the Harvard of Historically Black Colleges.)

Ivy League grads are notoriously ambitious. That’s why they go to Ivy League colleges.

Unfortunately, many of them are also knuckleheads—knuckleheads with massive egos. (SEE: Kushner, Jared)

Almost half the student body at Harvard is made up of legacies, children of huge donors, relatives of the college staff, and athletes.

It is these people whose greatest skill is greasing the system who have made the American system the shitte show that it is.

We need to cull their ranks; preferably with pitch forks and mass seizure of their property and assets.

BELOW: This country wouldn’t be the collapsing failure it is today if we had graduates of Faber’s law school sitting on the Supreme Court instead of all those Yale Skull & Boners.

Memorial to Emil Faber, founder of Faber College.

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