Who’s profiting from all this market volatility?


We know someone is making a killing off of what is happening right now in the security markets.

No doubt Trump and his cronies are in on this since they’re the ones orchestrating so much of the volatility.  They’ve been shorting the market right before Trump says something stupid and then buying the upside after Trump corrects the stupid thing he said.

Of course the Wall Street firms themselves love all the churn that is being generated.  They’re getting paid no matter what direction the market turns.

Vultures are scouring the landscape for carrion they can pick up on the cheap in all the mess.

Putin and his Russian oligarchs must be salivating at the global opportunities opening up to them.

And when the dust finally settles we’ll discover that the rich and powerful are richer and more powerful than ever.  Because that’s what always happens after these disruptions.  It’s what Naomi Klein talks about—shocks to the system that are manufactured to realign the economy and society in favor of the elite and ruling class.

Vladamir Putin
This man has a good friend at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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