It’s the hate, stupid!


I find it amazing how no matter how much Donald Chump screws up the economy for the people who are supposed to be his base supporters—like farmers—they still love the conman.

Which makes me realize that it isn’t economics that is driving the MAGA people in the Midwest and all these towns in America that are supposedly failing.

If economics was truly the main concern of these people, they wouldn’t be backing someone who gives trillions away to billionaires and corporations while cutting back on all assistance and funding going toward those of less economic means.

No, what really drives the Chumpions is hate. They hate anyone and everyone who is not them.

As long as the libs and Muslims and immigrants and women and blacks are getting beaten up, the Chump chimps are perfectly happy.  Hate feeds their souls. It’s what they live for. It’s their true sustenance.

Again, it’s all about our good acquaintance Gary Reynolds’ boot—Chump acolytes will accept fascism if it means those they hate are getting stomped. They’ll accept living in poverty too. They rather be poor than see their enemies succeed.

All men hunger for a taste of the boot

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